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About Barbara Duff

Barbara Duff, the author of Rekindle the Spark - Save your Marriage program

I’m Barbara Duff – psychosexual therapist  and relationship coach. I have been helping people marriage and relationships problems for over 30 years. I’m here to share the secrets of a happy marriage. I can help you with your marriage problems.

I am an accredited member of NAPCP –  the  National Association for Pastoral Counselling and Psychotherapy. My publications include The 10 Secrets to a Happy and Long Lasting Relationship (published on Amazon Kindle) and Rekindle the Spark – Save your Marriage Program, the innovative alternative to marriage counseling – available online.

I am excited to announce the publication of my second book HAPPILY EVER AFTER – a guide for engaged couples. This handbook, published by Austin Macauley, explores the top ten areas that are key to a happy and successful relationship.

People often ask me why I have got involved in helping couples to solve their relationship problems. Well, the answer is easy – I love this work. The more I deal with clients, the more convinced I become that the solution to relationship problems lies not with the counsellor, but with the couple themselves. It is just a question of realizing how powerful you are.

Helping you and your partner take control of your lives together – that is my mission in life.

My extensive experience in education has been a great help to me in this work. 30 years as a teacher has taught me so much about how we learn, how we acquire attitudes and behaviors, and most importantly, how we can make positive changes in our lives.

This special combination of training as a psychosexual therapist and relationship counselor along with my experience as an educator has helped me design Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage – an innovative and highly effective program that helps couples to help themselves.

My work is influenced by many of the current therapy models, but mostly by the Cognitive Behavioural and Systemic therapy approaches. I see the role of the counselor/therapist not as someone in control, but as a facilitator who encourages you to gain insight into your situation and who lets you decide on the changes which you want to make.

For couples who are dealing with emotional damage from the past, the techniques used in Emotionally Focused Therapy can be most effective. I have incorporated the best of these therapeutic approaches into my Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage program.