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FAQ about Our Self-help Alternative to Marriage Counselling

Barbara Duff - Relationships and Love Alternative to Marriage CounselingHere is a list of the most frequently asked questions about solving relationship problems with our self-help alternative to marriage counselling – Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage

I hope that my answers  address all of your concerns. However, if you feel that some areas are still unclear, please contact me.

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1. What is the secret to the success of  Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage?

The secret to the success of  Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage  is that it is led by you, not by anyone else.

It helps you and your partner identify the areas of your relationship which are causing problems, and gives you the tools needed to bring about change.

For many couples, seeking outside help is not always easy. There can be problems with scheduling, babysitters or just not feeling in the right frame of mind.

Since Rekindle the Spark – Save your Marriage, is a DIY marriage counselling programme, you and your partner choose the time which best suits you. If you don’t feel like working at it one day, you simply do it the next.

This freedom to schedule according to your own needs means that you are more likely to benefit – because you are in the right frame of mind when you approach the programme.


2. For how long is Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage effective in solving relationship problems?

Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage is a highly effective marriage counselling programme. Not only does it help solve relationship problems now – it help prevent them recurring. This is because of the life skills you learn here – so the effects are long-lasting. Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage introduces you to new ways of listening, new ways of communicating and new ways of reacting in tense situations.  These techniques will become automatic for you with practice.

All stages of the programme can be re-worked at any time. This is the beauty of Rekindle the Spark – you are given all the material to download from your computer.

You can decide to return to any stage of this marriage counselling programme at a later time. Many couples find that one particular stage addresses a core area of their relationship problem. Perhaps it deals with a trigger point for rows in the past. So they revisit that section and make the assignment part of their ongoing routine until it has become integrated into their daily lives. That in turn leads to a stress-free and happy life together.


3. How does the Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage DIY Marriage Counselling programme work?

Once you order the programme, it is emailed to you in 10 instalments, one each week for ten weeks. As you move through the stages you will be introduced to the ten areas which are the keys to a healthy and happy relationship.

Each stage introduces you to a particular topic and then sets you a task or teaches you a technique to help you gain insight into the dynamics of your relationship.  As you practise these techniques you will become much more confident in yourselves as partners.


4. Can I benefit from Relationships and Love and the Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage programme even if I am not in a relationship right now?

Yes you can – believe it or not. Both my ebook 10 Secrets to a Happy and Long Lasting Relationship and the contents of this website will help you identify and recognize the qualities you would like to find in a life partner.

A study of Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage could also help. Here you get to know yourself in the first instance. That is after all the most important requirement before you get involved in a long term relationship.

Then, as you move through the programme you will discover the secrets to a balanced and healthy relationship. You are given the ingredients to help you on this voyage of discovery. And I have no doubt that you will enjoy this journey even though you are not currently in a relationship. With each assignment you grow in self-awareness and insight.

So by the time you have completed the programme you will find that you are much more discerning when you meet potential your life partner.


5. How can I be sure that following Rekindle the Spark – Save your Marriage will help solve my relationship problems?

Like everything you undertake in life, what you get from it depends on the effort you put in. Once you engage with the programme you will realize that very simple changes in your attitudes or behaviour can have a really positive impact on your relationship.

Feedback from many clients indicates that as they move through the stages, they become more motivated and excited about putting their new skills into practice. The dynamic between them changes from negative to positive. The feeling of confidence that comes from knowing how to address problems gives a real buzz and positive energy to the relationship.

This is what I wish for you. This is the objective of my marriage counselling. You may not solve all your relationship problems at once, but you should end up in a happier place, especially if both you and your partner are open to change.


6. Is this programme for me?

Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage is designed for couples of all ages and stages. If you are in a relationship, then this programme is for you. If you have been together for months, years or even decades, it makes no difference.

The key skills contained in this programme apply to every relationship. That is why people who are not currently in a long term relationship also find it helpful.  Once you learn these skills you will be equipped to build and maintain a healthy and happy relationship with your future partner.


7. Why should I follow Relationships and Love?

By following Relationships and Love you show that you are prepared to give your relationship the attention it deserves. That in itself says a great deal about you – you are pro-active and determined.

You will now have access articles and ebooks which will help you find solutions to your relationship problems.


8. I know what’s wrong with my relationship. How will Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage help?

Knowing what is wrong with your relationship is certainly a first step in the right direction. The next question is what to do to improve things.

Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage addresses ten key areas which are the most common causes of conflict in a relationship. It offers insights and advice on how to address each problem area. As you apply the techniques learned in each stage you will feel the beneficial effects on your relationship.

Often what you see now as the problem can be due to a more fundamental difference between you and your partner. Perhaps you need to learn better communication skills. Perhaps your way of handling conflict can be improved. Check out Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage and find out.


9. My relationship is fine. How can it improve further by doing Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage?

It is always possible to improve a relationship. That is the amazing thing about life – it is constantly changing and so are we. Perhaps the little differences which you have ignored over time are beginning to have a negative effect.

Perhaps there are certain topics which you don’t feel comfortable discussing with your spouse. Perhaps you have drifted into a pattern of poor communication.

All of these things take their toll on the way you relate to your partner. So find out how to fix these relationship problems with our recommended alternative to marriage counseling – Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage.

When you have completed the programme I am sure that you and your spouse will feel more confident and better equipped to deal with any further challenges you may face in the future.