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Celebrate Everyday as Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day – The day of romance and joy, comes only once a year. The time has arrived to makeCelebrate everyday as a valentine's day the most of it. Remember the joy of your first date, the excitement of your first kiss and the great times you have spent together.

After spending years as a couple, do you think that your marriage has lost some fun and excitement?

Put back the fun and romance into your marriage today by following these seven easy ways to rekindle the spark in your relationship.


  1. Smile – be happy. A cheerful person automatically brings happiness to others. Look on the bright side of life. Even if you’re feeling down, your smile helps you to feel better. Your smile is worth more than a bunch of roses.
  1. Be appreciative. Tell your partner how you feel about his or her likes and admiration. Say something simple but sincere like, “I love to hear your voice on the phone – I’ve always loved it”.
  1. Listen to your partner. Ask how your partner is feeling inside – listen to the emotions expressed. Give feedback. Say, “What I have heard you say is…….” There is something wonderful about feeling heard.
  1.  Spend time with the most important person in your life. Isn’t it amazing how work, children and everyday business can take over in a marriage? Spend more quality time together. Re-arrange your evenings to allow for an hour of downtime together before you go to bed. No phones, TV or other devices allowed.
  1. Organize regular Date Nights with your partner. Aim for once a week. If you have children, organize a regular babysitter. Opting for Date Night at home? Have a special meal by candlelight. For dessert try dipping strawberries in melted chocolate and eating them together.
  1. Do the unexpected – give a sneaky hug or kiss. Put on your favorite music and dance together. Small acts of intimacy create fun.
  1. Say thanks more often. Be grateful for the little things your partner has does for you. A sincere “Thank you” holds a value beyond telling for long time afterwards.

Put these suggestions into effect and watch your Valentine blossom again

From now on celebrate everyday as Valentine’s Day. Enjoy each and every day you spent together – each moment together is precious.