Relationships and Love

Great relationships don't just happen; learn how to create yours today…

Celebrate Everyday as Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day – The day of romance and joy, comes only once a year. The time has arrived to makeCelebrate everyday as a valentine's day the most of it. Remember the joy of your first date, the excitement of your first kiss and the great times you have spent together.

After spending years as a couple, do you think that your marriage has lost some fun and excitement?

Put back the fun and romance into your marriage today by following these seven easy ways to rekindle the spark in your relationship.


  1. Smile – be happy. A cheerful person automatically brings happiness to others. Look… Continue reading

Why Can’t We Talk About Sex?

Sad woman on the bed with husband in backgroundDoes the thought of talking sex with your partner bring you outside of your comfort zone? Do you feel really awkward talking about sex?

For many couples, talking sex is not on the agenda. Sex can be a no go topic for all sorts of reasons.

– “My parents were not comfortable talking about sex

– “My partner ought to know what I want without my having to say it”

– “Sex is too intimate to talk about.”

Let’s look at Mark and Amy. They have been married for four years and have never discussed their sex life. Mark… Continue reading

How healthy is your relationship?

Have you ever stopped and thought about the health of your relationship? When did your relationship last have a checkup? This, like a medical, should be done on a regular basis. Couples who are aware of how they are getting along stay more in tune with one another and can react early if problems arise. NEGLECT IS THE SILENT KILLER. Remember, for it to thrive, your relationship must be fed and nurtured. Continue reading

Is lack of commitment an issue in your relationship?

How much commitment and effort do you put into your relationship with your life partner? Relationships are demanding. They require time and effort. Relationships need commitment if they are to work well. Wishing, wanting, desiring – these are all part of our human condition. It is good to wish, to hope. It shows that you have the capacity to imagine things being different. But wishing alone achieves nothing. The big question is - how do you go about it? Continue reading

Relationship break up – Your house can be a metaphor for your relationship

It is perhaps surprising but true that your house can indeed be a metaphor for your relationship. It is, after all, the centre of your lives together. Does your house reflect the care and the respect you have for one another? Is the mess upstairs a metaphor for your stagnant relationship? Are the unpacked boxes a symbol of unresolved issues? Find out from this interesting Relationship Case Study... Continue reading

Don’t just sit there hoping that things will get better. Take action NOW!

Your relationship is probably the most important aspect of your life. Yet, many couples devote so much time to work, to their children and to managing their lives that there is no time left to look at the foundation stone of your life together – your relationship. Many couples desire to have a better relationship. However, wishing alone will not improve anything. You need to take action NOW, before it is too late. The big question is – what are you going to do about it? How are you going to change the dynamics in your relationship? Continue reading

Relationship Trust – Drifting Along

Trust is one of the most important elements in a relationship. But we can sometimes be so trusting that we become complacent. This can occur especially in an established relationship. We take our partner for granted. They become so much a part of our lives that we ignore them. This can be a dangerous time for a relationship. Sooner or later one partner will start looking around to find that excitement again. Continue reading